Let's pretend I am not a complicated human being and can tell you who I am in a few paragraphs:

My name is Nicole and I am from Flushing, Queens. I moved a bunch once I got to junior high which is really a great time to uproot all I ever knew (this is sarcasm, it's not the best time, it's quite the worst. Puberty and all that). I moved to Cuenca, Ecuador when I was 13 and didn't know a lick of Spanish, so I couldn't make friends or awkwardly talk to other 13 year old boys. Eventually, I did learn Spanish and make friends but never really got the whole "talking to boys" thing figured out.

Anyway, three years later moved to St. Pete, FL and then to Tampa, FL. I then went to FSU in Tallahassee, and finally made my way back to NY after a bit of a fork in the road. So let's say I have some weird life experience.

I grew up an artist and still very much pursue that side of me, as you can see from my work on this site. I also have strong political opinions and I hope that doesn't deter you, dear reader, from contacting me. 

And probably the most basic thing I could say about myself is: I love cats. But to make myself seem cooler, I used a photo of me in Cuenca petting a monkey.